A Day at the Market


For my fellow Torontonian followers, this post is especially great for you! I spent a day at the distillery district’s infamous Christmas market, that has occurred in Toronto every year for the past few years. This market is truly amazing and really captures the essence of Christmas! In this post I’ll review my experience at the market and also share with you the details of my outfit, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚




Top – Zara

Turtleneck – Aritzia

Pants – Aritzia

Coat – Zara

It was definitely a chilly day in the city, so I had to bundle up in order to stay warm. When the weather gets colder it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself to put on something stylish, usually in winter people want to be comfy and cozy. My trick for surviving the winter in style would be layers, layers and LOTS OF LAYERS. The more pieces you can layer together the better, and as I alway say, it really adds dimension to your outfit. For this look I decided to layer a white pleather top, over a black, slim fit turtleneck. This kept me warm and also allowed me to make my look more complex. I also wore a wool coat and draped a scarf around my neck for a classic touch. For my bottoms, I decided to wear a mustard, wide legged trouser and heeled boots. The pants added a pop of color to my outfit and paired nicely with my neutral colored tops. I added a little more color, by accessorizing with a bright, red leather purse. This brought out the red in my scarf and also paired well with my mustard yellow pants.




Now that I’ve given you the breakdown of my outfit for the day, it is time to give you a play by play of my time at the market. The Christmas market is located in the distillery district in Toronto. You get to walk through the distillery district, where many little booths and shops are set up for the holiday season. They have outdoor fire pits, bars, and many different food booths. There are also several shops that sell holiday themed trinkets such as handcrafted ornaments, stockings and much more. In the center of the market is a giant Christmas tree, a site for everyone to see. There are also several cute light up signs that feature a holiday themed message, which add a warm and christmassy feel to the market! One thing that I highly recommend trying if you happen to make it down to the market is the mulled wine. It is perfect for a cold, winter day. Mulled wine is warm red wine that is very similar to a hot apple cider. It is made with cinnamon sticks and other toasty spices. I am not much of a wine drinker but I found this drink to be delicious and the perfect thing to keep you warm! My favorite part of the market was touring the art gallery in one of the old distillery brewing buildings. It was really cool to see pieces of art put on display by local Toronto artists. It really showcased the local talent that can be found within the city! After touring the market, I stopped at a little patisserie inside the market where they sold everything from cookies, to macarons and cupcakes! I tried the salted toffee cookie and the pancake cupcake and both were delicious! Overall it was an amazing experience at the Christmas market and I would highly recommend making the trip down! πŸ™‚




Hope you guys enjoyed my post and I hope to hear from you all in the comments! Let me know if you’ve been to the Christmas market, I’d love to hear your experience!

xx- Nicole ❀

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