When In Rome Pt. 1

Hey guys so earlier this summer me and my family traveled to…..*drum roll*……ITALY!!! For those of you that don’t know I am half Korean and half Italian and so since this year was my dad’s 50th birthday we decided to celebrate as a family by taking a trip to Italy! None of us had ever been to Italy before so it was definitely super exciting and one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on! We started our trip off in Rome and we stayed there for 3 days before venturing to other parts of Italy! Overall we were in Italy for 2 weeks exactly (which somehow still wasn’t enough time!! 😦 ). Now I know packing for a European destination can seem overwhelming especially if you are traveling for a few weeks but it is definitely possible to look fashionable and chic while traveling abroad! So stay tuned and follow my fashion adventure through Europe 🙂



Top – Winners

Skirt – Topshop

Neck Scarf – Zara

Hat – H&M

For my trip I planned 14 different outfits ahead of time so I would know exactly what I would be wearing each day. Now I know the thought of planning 14 different and unique outfits can seem daunting at first but it isn’t impossible! I find this a really easy way to pack because that way I can ensure I am not packing anything I don’t really need. When I began packing for my trip I made sure to pack pieces that I could style different ways, that way I could reduce the amount of clothing in my suitcase (had to save room in my suitcase for all the shopping I was gonna do 😉 ). I made sure to pack a lot of skirts and dresses because they are easy to style and light to carry in a suitcase. For this first look I went with a button down denim skirt and a cute white crop top! I am really in love with the ruffled, crop top trend because I feel like it is the perfect look for summer: lightweight and breezy! To finish off this look I wore a large, floppy sun hat and a little silk scarf tied around my neck.



This outfit was perfect for strolling the streets of Rome and sight seeing because it was both lightweight and comfortable! Italian summers can get really hot so it is important that you plan your outfits accordingly, I made sure to pick materials that were breathable so I wouldn’t feel too restricted or sweaty (because no one wants to feel sweaty!) A floppy sun hat is also a really great accessory because it is fashionable but also practical! There isn’t a lot of shady spots when you’re walking through the touristy areas of Rome so it is important to protect yourself from the sun either with a hat or sunscreen or both! Also sun hats are great because they can really polish up your look!


All in all this first day in Rome was stunning! Getting to see the Trevi Fountain and live out my Lizzie Mcguire dreams was more than I could ever ask for! Our hotel was right outside the Colosseum which made for a breathtaking view! These are just some of my favourite things that we did in Rome! If you’ve ever been to Rome comment below and let me know how you liked it and what you did there! I always love to hear from you guys! ❤ 

Stay tuned for When in Rome pt 2…..

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xx – Nicole ❤


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