My Beach Essentials

April is the perfect month for a vacation! With the school year coming close to an end, nothing is better than treating yourself to a vacation after a long and exhausting semester. Vacations definitely can be expensive however, there are some vacay hotspots that are cheaper than others! One of my favourite vacation spots is the state of Florida. You can get everything you need without having to venture too far away. Also there are always plenty of vacation home rentals in Florida in many different cities! Me and my family always take a trip to Florida once every few years. We love exploring the different parts of the states and sometimes even make a road trip out of it! One of my most memorable trips to Florida was when we stayed in Naples. Usually we stay in Orlando to visit all the theme parks but this time we decided to mix things up. It was one of our most relaxing vacations. We stayed at a beautiful hotel that was right on the beach; as soon as you exited the lobby you were right in front of the pool. If you walked a bit further you could get right on the beach and one morning, we even saw dolphins jumping through the water! It was definitely a memorable trip! However, packing for a beach vacation can be difficult and so in this post I will cover my absolute beach essentials! 🙂

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The first thing I consider when packing for the beach is what bag to carry. I usually want something big enough that can carry all my essentials but something that still can be lightweight and easy to carry. I love carrying woven bags for the beach, I find they are super lightweight and really cute for summer. I also think they are perfect for the beach because you don’t need to worry about them getting dirty! To spruce up my bag and make it more summery I usually tie a cute silk scarf around the handle just as an extra accessory. Now as for what’s in my bag, I always like to make sure I am over prepared. It is always better to pack too much instead of too little. I always make sure to pack a good bottle of sunscreen because you can never be too careful! I am a sun worshipper and I love to tan so it is essential for me to make sure my skin is protected while I am out basking in the sun. I also love to carry a pair of sunglasses. Now I know sunglass tans are the WORST but I still like to have a pair handy in case I go for a nice walk along the beach or sit at an outdoor café for lunch.

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Some other musts that I carry around with me are hand cream, hand sanitizer and lip chap. These items can be easily forgotten when packing your bag to the beach, but when they are left behind it usually leaves you wishing they were here. The sand can really dry out your hands and skin so it is important to stay moisturized. Also, swimming in saltwater can have the same effect so it’s better to be prepared. When I know I’m going to the beach I like to pack a lip chap that keeps my lips well hydrated and also has some SPF protection. Once in Florida my sister forgot to pack lip chap and her lips got slightly sunburn, which was not so pleasant. We definitely learned our lesson that time! Now as I said before saltwater can make your skin feel very dry, but it also can make your hair feel like straw (especially if you colour your hair like I do!). To keep my hair in pristine condition, I always like to bring with me a little spray for my hair. These products keep your hair hydrated and also give you a nice beachy wave which is the perfect look for the beach. This also makes it easy for me to relax and enjoy. If I want to go out to eat after sunbathing on the beach I don’t need to worry so much about my hair being a mess!

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Depending on how I am feeling I will also pack something to read. When I go to the beach I don’t always love to be on my phone because it gets sunny and the screen is hard to see but also because I’m here to sit back and relax. Some of my favourite reads to pack will be a fashion magazine or the latest novel that I am reading. This allows me to keep myself occupied while enjoying the sun.  The last must haves for my ultimate beach trip include a mini speaker and a good bikini cover. I love listening to music on the beach but sometimes I feel isolated if I just bring a pair of headphones (especially if I’m going with a larger group of people!) This is why I love mini speakers, you can share your music with the people around you and they are lightweight and easy to carry! Also it is easy to find a mini speaker for a cheap price which means you don’t have to worry about getting ruined! A good bikini cover is also crucial because I find it so much easier to just throw on a cute little dress or skirt to cover up my bathing suit before going to grab a bite to eat. I hate the feeling of putting on denim shorts over a damp bikini and I find covers to be more flowy but still really cute!

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When it comes to packing for a day at the beach these essentials are a must for me! As always let me know what you guys think and I’d love to hear what you guys consider a must have beach essential! 🙂

xx – Nicole ❤




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