Osheaga Day 1



Dress – Zara

Bralette – Urban Outfitters

Purse – Topshop

Sunglasses – Tom Ford

Summer is the time for parties, good music and catching up with old friends! My favourite part about summer are all the outdoor music festivals that take place! For those of who don’t know, Osheaga is a 3-day outdoor music festival in Montreal, Canada. My best friend and I have attended this festival for the past 4 years. Every year I think it will be my last, but every year the lineup wows me and I just can’t seem to say goodbye just yet! Everyone knows that festivals are not only an amazing spot to hear new music and enjoy the hot weather, but they are also a great opportunity to strut your stuff and show off all your fave summer trends! Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to recap my outfits from this past Osheaga weekend. This was my outfit for day 1 and it consisted of a long maxi dress and a little black, lace bralette. The most important part of festival fashion is to wear outfits that are comfortable but also stylish. I love maxi dresses because they are breezy and easy to style with accessories. A big hat adds a nice boho feel to the outfit, while also protecting you from the sun! With this outfit I decided to layer a lot of my accessories, to really complete the boho look. I also find it important to wear comfortable shoes at a music festival, since there usually is a lot of walking and the terrain isn’t always smooth. For this reason I wore a pair of old black booties that I have had since forever! These boots have seen better days, but they are comfy and they get the job down! The little silver studs adds a nice pop to these plain booties and completes my look! For those of you who hate boots or find them uncomfortable, this outfit would also look cute with gladiator sandals or a simple pair of sneakers. Hope you enjoyed my look, if you have any questions let me know! Stay tuned to see my look for day 2! 🙂

xx – Nicole ❤





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